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From the latest graduates – PedEd offers a very organized, easy to follow/ self paced course. The online course work is doable while working a full time job and even easily accessible on a mobile device if needed. Clinic was a great experience for me, Tannis and Susan are super approachable down to earth instructors. […]

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I  am  pleased and honored to comment on your commitment to ” Best Practice ” in  Nursing Foot Care. I cannot think of another Foot care nurse,in Canada who I would recommend for Nursing foot care instruction.  I am always thrilled to take part in Tannis’s carefully thought out,education and learning available, when she teaches […]

Some testimonials

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PedEd offers excellence in nursing foot care education. The syllabus covers current BC and national standards in a format that is simple to access and to assimilate. The practicum with your instructor present, is ideal. Tannis Sorge – I aspire to her professional expertise.  Lorna Gail Proudfoot, RN Hi Tannis , just wanted to send […]

Interactive Learning

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When developing our online learning we want to engage people with the content. So we’ve created short interactive elements that allow you to test your knowledge. In our student survey, these elements are considered one of the most liked.

Kicking off with Spring Clinical – Day 2

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It was a full house on Day 2 of our Spring Clinical  at the Senior Come Share Society where foot care nurses put their knowledge and theory skills to practise in a real clinical setting.  It was a time of sharing, connecting and caring for the local Seniors in the community as students were observed […]

Kicking off with Spring Clinical

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Great way to kick off Spring with another successful PEDEd Clinical! A great bunch of gals in a full class, eager to learn and soak up all our Foot care knowledge and demonstrations before putting it to practise with one another. We are excited to be a part of their training and preparation for their […]