PEDEducation Inc. is please to announce a collaboration with NSWOCC regarding education for nurses in foot care and related disciplines. The collaboration is to promote each others’ educational content within our respective disciplines because we know the content is relevant to our practice, delivered in an easy to navigate format and will ultimately better your practice. Essentially we endorse each other’s education offerings over all others. Click on the NSWOCC logo to go to the WOC institute and view the wide range of courses available in high risk foot care!

For additional information regarding the most current state of COVID 19 precautions please contact
Tannis Sorge, RN via

  • Job Posting for Vancouver… check it out!
    Job posting:   Franny‚Äôs foot care is looking for a foot care nurse to sub-contract at a Vancouver long term care facility approx 2-4 times a month. For more information please call or text Francine at 778-383-6482 or email
  • NEW Clinical dates – Sept 25th – 27th 2022 in Langley
    If you were hoping to complete your nursing foot care course in 2022, we’re excited to announce an additional clinical for Sept 25th-27th 2022 in Langley. Start you clinical anytime. If you wish, please email for more information or try … Read More
  • ACCEPTING an INTEREST LIST for a small course and Clinical in Aug 2022
    Thanks everyone… this class is now full. If you are interested in signing up for small class, keep an eye on the website for new listings or email to be placed on a wait list. ———————————————————————————————————————————— Looking for a … Read More