Course Description

The Advanced Nursing Foot Care course is designed for a licensed nurse to gain additional knowledge about foot care, so that they can expand their practice to include this work. This course provides the theoretical information and a clinical practicum that complies with standards as set by the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses. Everything you need to work as a Foot care Nurse is delivered here. No additional resources, appointments, fees are required.


This Education Package includes

  • Advanced Nursing Foot Care online theory – 110 hours
  • Nursing Foot Care Clinical – 21 hours
  • Access to PEDEd Alumni group for network and access to events and information.
  • Entry into PEDEd Foot Care Nurses directory to advertise your business.
  • Discount for NSWOC courses (10% discount).

Total Cost: $2,495. No additional or hidden costs.

  • Semi-private classes $4995.
    • Nurses wishing to take the Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course that are not vaccinated will need to provide an off-site clinical location including informed clinical volunteers. Clinical location needs to be discussed with the instructor.
    • Cost: Private clinical $4995
  • Email for more information.

Bursary support is possible from BCNU for BC Nurses

NEW Clinical dates: August 16 – 18, 2024 in Surrey
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Advanced Course topics

Course Format


  1. Introduction to Foot Care Nursing
  2. Structure and Function of the Foot
  3. Abnormal Conditions
  4. Foot Care for People with Diabetes
  5. Wound Care
  6. Infection Control
  7. Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis, Orthotics, Footwear, Physiotherapy, Strength and Balance Training
  8. Psychosocial Aspects of Care
  9. Private Practice in Nursing Foot Care
  10. Instruments and Preparing for Clinical
  11. Case Studies

The course is delivered in a cohort based online format, however people can proceed at their own pace throughout. Students review assigned content which may include academic papers, information brochures, videos or more. They complete exercises and participate in monitored discussion forums. A variety of quizzes and interactive self-knowledge activities provide students with feedback on their mastery of information.

You can experience all these in advance by enrolling in the Free Nursing Foot Care Sampler Course. Go to the PEDEd Learning Site. Create an account and enroll. The Free Sampler course provides you exposure to all the types of learning tasks and content delivery you work with in the course. We know you’ll like what you see.

Course Requirements and policies:


  • Access to the internet for the on-line theory component
  • Ability to attend assigned clinical dates and location (see refund policy below) Proof of Vaccination to attend clinical is required
  • Active nursing license in BC and are in good standing with the British Columbia College of Nurses and midwives (BCCNM)
  • Out of province nurse:  You will need to connect with the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCMN) to obtain a temporary license for educational purposes to attend clinical.  Contact information:
    • Email: info@bccnm​.ca
    • Phone: 604.742.6200​
      ​Toll-free 1.866.880.7101 (within Canada only)

Refunds: Due to the nature of the content delivery, no refunds are provided once a person has logged into a course. If you don’t complete both theory + clinical for your registered dates you will receive an incomplete and will need to register for a separate clinical course at your own expense ($950).

Try this example of a self-knowledge activity that is commonly used in

Some past nurses say:

“The Peded course is very comprehensive and if a student takes the time to do all the readings and activities, you will be well prepared with knowledge for clinical. The course sets a high standard for best practice. Tannis is an absolute guru of foot care. Her skills and knowledge is off the charts! Tannis is also very supportive. I would highly recommend this course”. Carolyn T.

“I recommend this course . I wish I had taken it earlier in my career”. Tammy O


The course is graded on a pass/fail basis. Students must complete all required activities to be eligible to participate in the clinical practicum. They are required to bring a portfolio of completed assignments to the clinical for discussion. Students completing both the online and clinical practicum are provided a Certificate of Completion.


While learning is serious, we also have a sense of humour and bring levity to the senior’s we work with.

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