Sarah Ann’s Foot Care Services is a foot care clinic operating in Barrie and Thornhill, Ontario. We have nearly two decades of experience, having started offering foot care services in 2005, and grown to two clinics and a variety of community partners including nursing homes, pharmacies, and wellness clinics.

As a part of our mission to offer excellent medical foot and lower limb treatments to clients, we have partnered with PED Education to offer foot care education for nurses, and help prospective foot care nurses to join an industry that we have an incredible passion for, and where there is an substantial need for more services.

This online theory course takes six weeks to complete, and has a free sampler course to try before you commit. We know you’ll love it! The online course is self-directed so you can learn at your own pace. A key component of this course is the 3-day hands on clinical provided by Sarah Ann’s Foot Care Services in beautiful Barrie Ontario.

The clinical application runs over a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We provide a flexible and collaborative environment that will support the career growth of active and enterprising nurses looking to enhance their skills to take on an exciting new career!

For more information please visit our website