Sandra Tetrault


Tannis Sorge


Who we Are

Tannis Sorge and Sandra Tetrault are Registered Nurses with 20 + years of varied nursing experience within the hospital community before taking their foot care nursing course. After several years of nursing foot care experience, they noted a lack of available continued education. This lead them to completing a 200 hour Foot Care Nurse Educator Course in 2013 .Their passion for practice standards has resulted in thriving foot care businesses in the lower mainland, positions with the local foot care interest group and foot care nurse advisors for various committees and boards .The PEDEd team participates in speaking venues related to foot care including education events for Diabetes Canada.

In 2014 the pair completed two American foot care nursing courses, passed the certification exam and became Certified Foot Care Nurses in the U.S. (certified by the W.O.C.N.C.B.).

The PEDEd team attended the International Diabetic Foot Conference in Houston, Texas in March 2017, where they were inspired by physicians from around the world all striving to prevent amputations. Their quest for knowledge also led them to attend a Kamloops Wounds Canada conference, followed by the CAFCN conference in New Brunswick. February 2018, they completed the CSA Medical Device Reprocessing in Community Health Care Settings in preparation for our Sterilization workshop .

Recently, PEDEd hosted 2 workshops at the CAFCN conference in Regina in May 2018. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with many foot care nurses from across Canada!

Tannis and Sandra are educational instructors teaching at colleges and university in Vancouver and Victoria B.C.  Additionally, they co-developed an advanced online foot care course. The team is passionate about providing the most up-to-date theory and leading-edge comprehensive clinical for their foot care students.