PEDEd offers two types of education for nurses to increase their knowledge and skills in foot care: Theory and Clinical

The theory is provided through our online course. We’ve delivered this course for over 3 years now to hundreds of nurses. It is the most comprehensive course available and is totally self contained. There are no additional books or resources to purchase. You can enroll and start learning, right away. If you want access to the theory only, enroll by going the Shop and choosing ONLINE THEORY ONLY option.

For those wanting both the theory and the clinical experience, the Advanced Foot Care course provides a unique environment for you to gain the theory knowledge and complete the hands-on clinical session. To learn more about this option, go to the Advanced Foot Care course page for more information.

“As a nurse, this was the most enjoyable course and clinical I’ve completed so far in my career. Due to life circumstances, I’ve not yet opened my own foot care business, but it is on the horizon in the next few years. I highly recommend this course if you are interested in learning about nursing foot care and want a solid knowledge and clinical base to grow from”.   Amy B.

See what our past students say in the blog and the survey

Complete the theoretical part of the course online in your own time. When registering you will be assigned a seat in the clinical session for completion of this part.

Go to the PEDEd Learning Site to enroll in the course or to try the Free Sampler to see how it all works!

Clinical education options

  • Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course – Small class (max 8) Clinical Edition $3995 including resources/supplies, Onyfix course and option for additional clinical day – send inquiries to
  • Clinical only: Ideal for nurses that have completed a foot care course but looking for additional clinical experience or nurses that have completed the on-line theory and needing to complete their clinical.
  • 1 day (10.5 hour) Clinical $750 or 2 Day (21 hour) Clinical $950 all equipment is supplied during clinical. No take home instruments sets are included.

Completion of the Advanced Nursing course includes successful completion of both on-line theory and clinical. Theory must be completed prior to your clinical.

Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of the theoretical content delivery, no refunds are provided once a person has logged into a course.

In accordance with the clinical portion, please note, a tremendous amount of work and co-ordination goes into preparation for clinical.  We typically have 60 – 80 clients attend. This requires coordination with volunteers, nursing staff as well as management of instruments and venue requirements.  Clinicals are always planned for full enrollment of a co-hort and your course fees has secured that seat. If you cannot attend your assigned clinical date, you are required to provide at least 45 days written notice in order that adjustments can be made. You will be assigned a new clinical date based on future availability without any guarantee of when that may be. Any cancellations within 45 days of the initially assigned clinical date will result in you having to re-register.

If you fail to attend and complete your clinical, you will be required to re-register for a separate clinical course dates at your own expense ($750 for 2 day or $995 for a 3 day clinical).

To enroll for any clinical only option go the Shop