More student feedback.

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From the latest graduates – PedEd offers a very organized, easy to follow/ self paced course. The online course work is doable while working a full time job and even easily accessible on a mobile device if needed. Clinic was a great experience for me, Tannis and Susan are super approachable down to earth instructors. […]

More testimonials

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I  am  pleased and honored to comment on your commitment to ” Best Practice ” in  Nursing Foot Care. I cannot think of another Foot care nurse,in Canada who I would recommend for Nursing foot care instruction.  I am always thrilled to take part in Tannis’s carefully thought out,education and learning available, when she teaches […]

Some testimonials

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PedEd offers excellence in nursing foot care education. The syllabus covers current BC and national standards in a format that is simple to access and to assimilate. The practicum with your instructor present, is ideal. Tannis Sorge – I aspire to her professional expertise.  Lorna Gail Proudfoot, RN Hi Tannis , just wanted to send […]

How are our clients doing?

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It’s important that we collect information about our client’s experience with their foot care during this pandemic so that we can advocate for them in the future. Please have your clients go to and complete this survey. I will be sharing the results with the provincial and national associations regularly, and you if you ask! […]

Student Survey results

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We recently surveyed all past graduates of the course. The results are a testimony to quality and commitment. Here they are.  I look forward to using this information to improve the course and to continue to be a leader in the area foot care education. Best Wishes and stay healthy, Tannis

COVID 19 update

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As foot care services are deemed non-essential, we have stopped providing all services to the public until otherwise notified. However, students can continue to register for the theoretical portion of the Advanced Nursing Foot Care course. The next clinical session is scheduled for June 5 – 7 and has not been cancelled as of April […]