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It was a full house on Day 2 of our Spring Clinical  at the Senior Come Share Society where foot care nurses put their knowledge and theory skills to practise in a real clinical setting.  It was a time of sharing, connecting and caring for the local Seniors in the community as students were observed and mentored by PEDEd’s Instructors; Tannis Sorge and Sandra Tetrault.  Hats off to all the keen students for their hard work, enthusiasm and determination to challenge themselves to meet the standard of excellence in the 3-day Advanced Foot Care Course.  PEDEd would like to thank  the Senior Come Share Society who provided their facility for the 3-day foot care clinical.
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PEDEd Clinical

Great way to kick off Spring with another successful PEDEd Clinical! A great bunch of gals in a full class, eager to learn and soak up all our Foot care knowledge and demonstrations before putting it to practise with one another. We are excited to be a part of their training and preparation for their successful foot care career.
PEDEd would like to thank  the Senior Come Share Society who provided their facility for the 3-day foot care clinical.
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Taking Care of our Seniors

Mobile Community Care for Seniors (MCCS) is a collaborative, community initiative to support seniors who are homeless or at-risk of homelessnessin our community. MCCS held a Foot Care Clinic at NightShift Ministries on October 2 and 3, 2018. NightShift is located in North Surrey right on front lines where the most vulnerable, addicted and homeless people are in Surrey. MCCS partnered with PEDEd, advanced foot care practice education, to offer free foot care to seniors who live in the North Surrey area. We want to say a big THANK YOU to PEDEd and the nurses who gave of their time and equipment expense, as well as NightShift Ministries for providing space and open hearts, and Surrey Urban Mission (SUM Place) for their support.
Some feedback from our recipients who received foot care and ID support: “You ladies are so kind. I am so happy. God bless you,” and another after footcare: “I’m a new person. I feel like I’m floating!”
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PEDEd hosted clinical Oct. 26-28, nurses from all over B.C. arrived to put their knowledge and new skills to work on willing seniors in the community! check out our blog on our website for more pics and stories!
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