New Extended CLINICAL and Limited Class Size!

Hi Everyone

Are you wanting to train as a Foot Care Nurse?  This may be for you.

Of course we still offer our primary PEDEd Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course but we have added options to help nurses better choose a course that best fits their needs.

And since many have asked for it… we listened!

After nurses have completed the PEDEd Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course the comment that is most often repeated is… I would LOVE to have more hands on clinical! 

1st let me introduce ... PEDEd Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course with and ADDITIONAL clinical day option!

This new course is for nurses wanting to establish their own nursing foot care practice that continues to maintain PEDEd’s standards that reflect high levels of care, technique and professionalism.  So we’ve added the extra clinical day and limited the class size to 8! We are taking registration now.  This is a one time event… for now 🙂

PEDEd NFC 2021


Already a foot care nurse? We haven’t forgotten you!

Our 2nd NEW course option is for nurses that have completed the nursing foot care course but would like more hands on… or maybe you’ve had to step away from nursing foot care for a while and would like to “get your feet wet” to strengthen and improve on your skills. We are offering stand-alone clinical days for existing foot care nurses to meet your needs.

Interested and wanting to register… have a look at the top of the website, click on the “shop” tab, then select  “education” to register.

If you wish, please email for more information or try the “sampler course”  on the PEDEd learning site.

All the best and stay safe