Sandra from PEDEd facilitates a free foot care clinic with two PEDEd Advanced Foot care Nurse graduates Audrey and Monica at NightShift Ministries. Audrey has been volunteering with the Night Shift care bus performing wound care for the street people and recognized the desperate need for foot care. Audrey then took the PEDEd foot care course and is now putting it to good use!
Monica completed the PEDEd course in October and jumped at the chance to utilize her new foot care skills. Taya from Come Share Society joined the team where she provided the identification service.
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Taking Care of our Seniors

Mobile Community Care for Seniors (MCCS) is a collaborative, community initiative to support seniors who are homeless or at-risk of homelessnessin our community. MCCS held a Foot Care Clinic at NightShift Ministries on October 2 and 3, 2018. NightShift is located in North Surrey right on front lines where the most vulnerable, addicted and homeless people are in Surrey. MCCS partnered with PEDEd, advanced foot care practice education, to offer free foot care to seniors who live in the North Surrey area. We want to say a big THANK YOU to PEDEd and the nurses who gave of their time and equipment expense, as well as NightShift Ministries for providing space and open hearts, and Surrey Urban Mission (SUM Place) for their support.
Some feedback from our recipients who received foot care and ID support: “You ladies are so kind. I am so happy. God bless you,” and another after footcare: “I’m a new person. I feel like I’m floating!”
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PEDEd hosted clinical Oct. 26-28, nurses from all over B.C. arrived to put their knowledge and new skills to work on willing seniors in the community! check out our blog on our website for more pics and stories!
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PEDEd successfully completed another 3 day clinical in partnership with Camosun College in Victoria, B.C. Nurses from Vancouver Island and throughout B.C. came to Victoria to complete their quest to become a Foot Care Nurse! Many had foot care nursing opportunities waiting for them , others were sent by employers anxious to use their new skills providing foot care in an existing clinic or starting a new foot care service in a remote community. We are extremely honored to be part of the process to prepare nurses to provide foot care services , teach preventative foot care , and potentially prevent amputations in the clients they will see.

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footcare clinical1

PEDEd is partnering with Camosun College in Victoria offering an online Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course! The online portion starts June 29,2018 followed by our 3 day clinical held at Camosun August 21-23,2018!

Click here to register:
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Sandra and Tannis returned from a busy week in Regina at the CAFCN Conference and were pleased to see the
education committee moving forward toward the end goal of National Certification in Canada.
PEDEd successfully hosted 2 workshops at the conference which included Assessment skills – Vascular assessment,
Neuropathy assessment, and IN-Lows 60 Sec and the Sterilization workshop.
It was exciting to see the hands-on, and in some cases, shoes-off engagement by the nurses.  One of the highlights was
the enjoyment of watching the nurses participate in the newly created trivia games PEDed has just launched. Lots of laughter, and learning all around. 
Click here to check out CAFCN Conference to be held in Niagara Falls. 

Look forward to seeing you all there!

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Clinical Gallery



The atmosphere was charged with the buzz of enthusiastic nurses who participated in the first PEDEd Clinical course offered online.  The extensive preparation more than paid off for the two Foot Care Nurse instructors,  Sandra and Tannis, who were thrilled to see the successful completion and new foot care skills the student nurses were able to take away. The nurses were keen on using their new found assessment skills and knowledge to educate their patients on preventative self care using a tuning fork to assess for loss of sensation to reduce the risk of future wounds and infections.  Among some of the positive feedback was how approachable, relaxed and knowledgable the instructors were, and the confidence the students gained through treating the seniors in this hands-on clinical setting.

And they weren’t the only ones to benefit that day.  Once again, the local seniors in the community made their way back, most of them repeat patients, to enjoy a treatment of focused foot care while keeping the atmosphere light sharing stories and laughter with the nurses through out the day.  The donations and proceeds were allocated back to the senior centre who provided their facility for the 3-day foot care clinical.

We look forward to holding our next clinical at the Come Share Senior Centre on May 4-6th..  so make sure to sign up now!

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We hit the ground running with the successful launch of the brand new online PEDEd Advanced Foot Care Nursing Course offered through UFV.  There was a good vibe  in the air as the attendees mingled and shared their stories and discussed their career path goals with enthusiasm. The students were able to access the course online thanks to UFV who supplied the laptops and the Course Developer who was available to navigate the course through Skype.

Feedback was all positive and the student nurses are excited to meet again in January for the hands on clinical portion of the course. The highlight of the opening event was discovering that two nurses are  advancing their knowledge in foot care as part of their outreach and care for the marginalized and homeless people, once again proving that this is more than just a job for many.

Get Started! If you are an active and enterprising nurse looking for a new career, or you would just like a knowledge and skills refresher, we would love to connect with you!

Send us an email to: for more information on this great new course

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