Even with COVID 19 around us, we've been able to continue to train foot care nurses at the clinical sites. Additional steps are required by the facility to ensure their clients are not being unduly exposed to risks. But that is a prudent measure on the facility's part and even a requirement.
Enroll in the PEDED Advanced Foot Care Nurse Course - 2020 today through our Learning Site to claim one of the few remaining seats.

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I’m not sure if you noticed but PAYPAL shut us down for about 2 months! We are very relieved and excited to be in business again! This was even more stressful for us as we were launching our online store for the first time. Paypal explained that the Canadian government was “cracking down on money launderers”, we were being audited and had to send in more info.  So, after many hours of sending and resending documents and phone calls we are live again. Many thanks to Chris and Suzanne who helped us slog through the process, Karen and Ken who worked miracles on the back end to proved an interim solution and Tannis for the 3 am phone calls to Paypal to get us up and running! Thank you for your patience !


We are starting our June 7-9 clinical tomorrow with students across B.C., we are setting up today in preparation, looking forward to meeting you all!


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PEDEd takes Niagara by Storm!

Niag Falls4
Niag Falls7
PEDEd is locked and loaded!

PEDEd is locked and loaded!

Niag Falls6
Niag Falls1
Steppin up in Niagara Falls

Steppin up in Niagara Falls

Niag Falls5

Tanis and Sandra took to Niagara Falls to attend the annual 3 day National CAFCN conference for Canadian Foot Care nurses. Our PEDEd team enjoyed a dual experience of teaching and being taught through our hands on Assessment skills workshop, while also gleaning from some awesome educators at a sweet luncheon. We met a great Foot Care Nurse Tribe from across Canada, and were able to take some time out to explore the breathtaking Niagara Falls. Here are some highlights!

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PEDEd expands to Eastern Canada!

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PEDEd partners4
PEDEd Partners2
PEDEd partners
PEDEd partners3

PEDEd teams up with Business Footprints and Sarah Ann’s Foot Care Services  in Ontario! PEDEd is excited to announce our expansion to Eastern Canada where we will provide the on-line theory of PEDEd’s Advanced Nursing Foot Care course for Business Footprints and Sarah Ann’s Foot Care Service who will offer the face to face clinical in Ottawa and Barrie allowing foot care nurses to practice their new skills on volunteers in a “state of the art” clinical setting. Sandra and Tannis recently flew to Ottawa to spend the day with Lisa and Sarah, where we hunkered down for some intense but fun team building, bonding and final details for our new PEDEd Ontario launch!

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Great trip to Victoria meeting with our clinical site manager. The senior residents are looking forward to PEDEd Foot Care students returning to perform foot care in August. We are looking forward to our 5th consecutive summer serving the island residents along with providing a classroom and clinical experience to the local nurses. Enjoyed strolling the streets of Victoria, visiting the landmarks and of course Beacon Hill park!

Registration has begun! You can register at www.pededucation.com to get a spot for the next summer clinical.

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We are honored to link arms with NightShift Ministries to provide essential foot care to those living on the street who not only struggle with addiction, but also serious health issues. Sandra, a PEDEd nurse demonstrates her determination and serves with all heart as she cuts through a pair of donated shoes enlarging the fit for one of her foot patients whose feet were swollen.   Among the volunteers was a lovely young women named Doreen Park, a full time nurse at Surrey Memorial hospital who was introduced to NightShift through Audrey (one of our regular foot care nurses) where she shadowed her on the Community care bus. The seed was planted in Seattle where she volunteered at a homeless foot care program as one of the students who was responsible for just washing the patients feet. Since then, she has been looking for an opportunity such as this one to serve in more care-based volunteer work in the community. We are so grateful to be a part of this vital foot care program in Surrey and look forward to continuing to work along side of NightShift Ministries, who is also partnering with the Senior Care Society in White Rock.
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Arrived in Phoenix today for a High Performance Academy conference on business and leadership! Taking my business mentorship with nurses to the next level! Can’t wait for 0900 start for High Performance Academy Conference! Business, leadership, productivity… let’s learn!
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Day 2

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It was a full house on Day 2 of our Spring Clinical  at the Senior Come Share Society where foot care nurses put their knowledge and theory skills to practise in a real clinical setting.  It was a time of sharing, connecting and caring for the local Seniors in the community as students were observed and mentored by PEDEd’s Instructors; Tannis Sorge and Sandra Tetrault.  Hats off to all the keen students for their hard work, enthusiasm and determination to challenge themselves to meet the standard of excellence in the 3-day Advanced Foot Care Course.  PEDEd would like to thank  the Senior Come Share Society who provided their facility for the 3-day foot care clinical.
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BC Nurses brave the cold


PEDEd is undaunted by the cold and braves the -31 Degree weather to take an ABI course at NAIT, (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) We are happy to be back in above 0 temperatures in BC but so worth the frosty toes to glean more footcare knowledge to share with our students! Lots of learning and polishing our skills! And yes…we passed!

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PEDEd Clinical

Great way to kick off Spring with another successful PEDEd Clinical! A great bunch of gals in a full class, eager to learn and soak up all our Foot care knowledge and demonstrations before putting it to practise with one another. We are excited to be a part of their training and preparation for their successful foot care career.
PEDEd would like to thank  the Senior Come Share Society who provided their facility for the 3-day foot care clinical.
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