New Clinical Dates

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New Clinical DATES:   DEC 5-6th (21 hour) 2020!   If you’d like to join us, click “shop” and register for the PEDEd Advanced Nursing Foot Care Course.  Let’s all hope that  COVID co-operates :).

More testimonials

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I  am  pleased and honored to comment on your commitment to ” Best Practice ” in  Nursing Foot Care. I cannot think of another Foot care nurse,in Canada who I would recommend for Nursing foot care instruction.  I am always thrilled to take part in Tannis’s carefully thought out,education and learning available, when she teaches […]

Some testimonials

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PedEd offers excellence in nursing foot care education. The syllabus covers current BC and national standards in a format that is simple to access and to assimilate. The practicum with your instructor present, is ideal. Tannis Sorge – I aspire to her professional expertise.  Lorna Gail Proudfoot, RN Hi Tannis , just wanted to send […]

CNPS Education series

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Canadian Nurses Protective Society have some excellent resources. Check out some of the CNPS links below: COVID – 19: Footcare nursing during the pandemic LINK CNPS Webinar registration LINK 12 Things to consider before joining a virtual care practice – CNPS LINK Telepractice LINK  

Looking for a Podiatrist to refer to in your area?

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BC Podiatric Medical Association has a directory of the Podiatrist in the province by area.  If you are needing to refer a client to a local podiatrist, this maybe a helpful resource for you. BCPMA “Find a Podiatrist” Link

Watch for the NEW VASCULAR H5P interactive learning post

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New H5P interactive learning activity coming soon!  Posted for a limited time so keep an eye out for it!  Nurses really enjoy this style of education.  There is a fun interactive learning “check” at the end… not too worry your results are for your eyes only.    

Great day on the water

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Enjoying a kayak on the lake and listing to a podcast by the Mayo clinic Medical Edge Radio

Mapping your End-of-Life Journey 4 session educational Zoom series

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Here is a great  educational opportunity designed to assist individuals living with a terminal diagnosis and their family and caregivers. Whether personally companioning one at the “end of life” or simply an educational opportunity, this webinar series will provide a deeper understanding and share invaluable insight as to how to prepare for an event we […]

Congratulations to the class of Aug 2020!

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Wonderful job everyone, welcome to the Foot Care Nursing Community! Here is a picture of one of my favourite places in BC.  Mabel lakes “tree of (foot) knowledge”.

Worksafe BC – How to use a mask

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  Hello everyone… Here is a great resource to help clients which are new to wearing a mask.  Masks may be the new “normal” but people need some help in how to don and doff their masks safely.  Here is a great tool to hand out by Worksafe BC to give share. CDC How to […]