ClearToe Therapy Light by ToeFX is coming to BC

Exciting news…

ClearToe Therapy Light by the innovators at ToeFX is the only photodisinfection product approved by Health Canada for clearance of toenail fungus.

As a foot care nurse we have been given a unique opportunity to participate in a mini study that  ToeFX is conducting. PEDEd will be the principal investigator in BC for the study,  but would invite other foot care nurses an opportunity to observe the progress of the study (contact Tannis if you are interested).
ToeFX is a Health Canada approved clear toe therapy treatment and is conducting a mini-study to validate a shorter time protocol.  We are recruiting 20 clients aged 18-72 in good general health with mild to moderate onychomycosis of the great toenail.
If you know of an appropriate participant that is  interested, available to participate and able to travel to South Surrey, to please contact Tannis Sorge RN  This may be a friend, family member or client that fits the criteria. If you are interested in learning about Toe FX and would like to accompany the participant (given the participant consents) you are welcome to come and observe.
Please see inclusion criteria below.  Please note this is a draft of the protocol and may require some adjustments.
Tune in for upcoming announcements!
For more information  check out the ToeFX website

Interested in joining the study? Please complete the registration screening questionnaire LINK.


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