🎉 Celebrating an Eventful Month of Learning and Reconnecting! 🎉

Greetings to all our esteemed healthcare professionals!

April & May has been extraordinary months, filled with vibrant energy and enthusiastic participation as nurses from both sides of the border came together once more, eager to learn, share knowledge, and simply catch up. After what felt like an eternity of remote interactions due to the pandemic, it was invigorating to finally reunite in person!

Our journey took us from Nanaimo, BC, to Minnesota, then on to Ottawa, and finally, we concluded in Winnipeg. Throughout this journey, we experienced a profound sense of professional growth and camaraderie, as we reunited with familiar faces and met new colleagues, setting the tone for a memorable series of events.

The adventure began in Nanaimo, where PEDICARE hosted a highly valuable 2-day workshop. It was heartwarming to see past and present students coming together, reigniting their passion for foot care nursing, and deepening their knowledge. And yes, I always return with some new pearls of wisdom myself! Witnessing their dedication to the profession continues to inspire us.

At the American Foot Care conference in Minnesota, we had the privilege of sharing our expertise and love of Burrs with an engaged audience. The experience was nothing short of amazing, and engaging with our American foot care sisters and brothers was a true highlight of the conference.

In Ottawa, we had the opportunity to connect with our PEDEd partners, Lisa Garland and Sarah Colbert, for a joint foot care information table. Lisa did an outstanding job as a speaker at the NSWOC conference, shedding light on the important role foot care nurses play and the impact we have within the foot health team. Chatting with the NSWOC nurses and witnessing their genuine interest and enthusiasm was truly encouraging. The exchange of ideas and insights with fellow healthcare professionals from all over was profoundly enriching.

But that’s not all! We rounded out this extraordinary month by presenting at the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses National Conference. The CAFCN holds a special place in my heart, and this was the first conference we attended since COVID. Engaging with an eager audience, we explored new horizons in our field and PEDEd hosted an assessment workshop at the conference. The lineup of speakers was exceptional, not only keeping us engaged but also getting us up and out of our seats. We even had the pleasure of attending a fun and interactive workshop on lacing shoes, exploring the notion of changing the quality of life, one lace at a time. It’s incredible how small acts of care and attention can make a tremendous impact on the well-being of those we serve.

As we move forward, we are filled with renewed determination and passion for our profession. The connections we’ve made and the knowledge we’ve shared will undoubtedly continue to fuel our journey of growth and excellence.

We extend our heartfelt thank you to all who participated in these events, whether as attendees, speakers, or organizers. Your commitment to advancing foot healthcare and patient care is truly inspiring. We apologize for the delay in sharing this post, but the whirlwind of travel required some time to recover fully!