AFCNA Conference 2023

This spring, I had the pleasure of attending the annual AFCNA foot care conference in Minnesota. It was a wonderful opportunity to present a Canadian foot care perspective as a speaker at a major US event.

Our presentation focused on burr choice and dust mitigation, which I consider crucial for enhancing foot care quality and efficiency. Selecting the right burr is akin to choosing any other specialized tool; with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which one will yield the best results. Often, we tend to stick with tools we are most comfortable with, even if they may not be the most suitable for the job. Personally, I used to rely primarily on the barrel burr, but once I started exploring and using the whole range of burrs for their intended purposes, the standard of care improved significantly, making the job much easier. This is a topic we take very seriously in our courses, and I have been genuinely impressed with our past students’ skills and burr selections. Using the right tools from the outset makes the job significantly easier.

The conference itself was fantastic, providing valuable insights into foot care from American professionals, and it was a delight to meet so many interesting and talented nurses. I am eagerly looking forward to participating in future AFCNA events!

If you are interested in attending next year’s AFCNA conference, you can find more information on their website: