Campuses of Care

We enjoy providing “Gold Standard” foot care along with the benefit of fostering great relationships with the clients we serve.

Residential Care

  • Nursing Foot Care with lower leg assessments
  • Communication with nursing staff, families and physicians as needed
  • Referrals when  needed
  • Schedules visits every 6-8 weeks
  • We educate our clients on preventative care
  • PEDEd provides receipts on request for tax purposes


We provide professional foot care services that promotes healthy feet, early detection of foot conditions, comfort and pain reduction and education

Nursing Foot Care Treatment Includes

Nursing Assessment, Nails cut and filed, thick and/or fungal nails are reduced, corn and callous care, management of dry cracked skin, education, diabetic assessment. Lotion will be applied to the feet and lower legs. Referral to appropriate health care professional when applicable.

Instruments sterilized to BC Best Practice Standards Dec. 2011. Instruments are cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner followed by steam sterilized to point of use.

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