Foot Care Treatment

All Services are provided by a Registered Nurse. Each appointment includes

  1. Interview
  2. Assessment of feet & nails, ambulation, environment, foot wear, skin condition, circulation
  3. Treatment by cutting and filing nails, reducing corns and calluses non- invasively within our scope of practice
  4. Education through sharing assessment, talking about prevention/management
  5. Referrals to other medical professionals when needed
  6. All instruments – Sterilized to BC Best Practice Standards.
Client Treatment

PLEASE NOTE:  Services are provided by a RN and are not akin to or substitute for podiatric medicine . Treatment is focused on foot health, but is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with your physician.

Appointment frequency

An Appointment takes 30 – 40 minutes. Suggested visit frequency typically ranges between 6-8 weeks, but this is determined by discussion between nurse and client and can always be adjusted.

How can clients prepare for their appointment?

  1. On the first appointment, bring a list of current medications and your medical history
  2. Do not soak your feet prior to the appointment
  3. Do not apply lotion 24 hour prior to appointment
  4. Wear or bring the shoe you most commonly wear.


Cost – $65 (no tax)

Check with your extended health if they cover “nursing foot care”.
*Can be applied to health section of income tax if no other coverage – also state “nursing foot care”.

Services Provided at:

Seniors Come Share Society                     Langley Senior Centre

15008 26th Ave, Surrey BC                       20605 51B Ave, Langley

Call 604-626-5939                                     Call 604-530-3020