Onyfix Course Jan 18th and 19th 2023

Very exciting, we’ll be hosting a both live and virtual onyfix course on Jan 18th & Jan 19th 2023

Enroll in this course to register for the training session. For more information about the course click here. Upon enrolling in the course complete the Choose your modality survey to indicate your preference for participation. Next course is January 18 – 19, 2023.

Jan 18th 2023  virtual live lecture from 5pm-7:30pm

Jan 19th 2023 Live in-person or live virtual clinical 3-5:30pm

If you’re interested in becoming certified  to use Onyfix and adding PODOEXPERT to your services consider the following:

  • ONYFIX – Amazing pain-free, surgical free method of nail correction
  • PODOEXPERT is an Evidenced based skin repair foam
  • Service added value for your clients
  • Increase your revenue BUT also increases the clients services received as well as amazing results
  • You can include PODOEXPERT for your client to use daily between visits for the most beneficial results

There are limited seats available so secure your seat by completing the registration form below as soon as possible.

You can choose either Live or Virtual. The live hands on workshop will be at the PEDEd office: 15008 26th Ave Surrey and if you’re from out of town you can opt to join us via webex.  If you are joining us virtually you’ll need to have a volunteer available on Jan 19th 2023.
Here’s the registration link on the learning site: www.pededucation.com