NEW Clinical dates – Sept 25th – 27th 2022 in Langley

If you were hoping to complete your nursing foot care course in 2022, we’re excited to announce an additional clinical for Sept 25th-27th 2022 in Langley. Start you clinical anytime.

If you wish, please email for more information or try the “sampler course”¬† on the PEDEd learning site.


Already a foot care nurse? We haven’t forgotten you!

Our 2nd NEW course option is for nurses that have completed the nursing foot care course but would like more hands on… or maybe you’ve had to step away from nursing foot care for a while and would like to “get your feet wet” to strengthen and improve on your skills. We are offering stand-alone clinical days for existing foot care nurses to meet your needs.

Interested and wanting to register… have a look at the top of the website, click on the “shop” tab, then select¬† “education” to register. Choose from a 1 day or 2 day clinical (Sept 26th or 27th 2022 in Langley).