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  • Rotatool Deluxe – Vacuum Integrated Unit with LED Light


    The new line of silent, low-weight units are setting a new standard for podiatry drills.

    RT DELUXE is a newly-designed unit, and is equipped with a brushless suction motor, which is not only very silent, but also much lower in weight. It is a pleasure for your ears and your back. The hand piece is equipped with our patented clamping system. The knob is now made out of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) to allow maximum comfort when using it. The powerful motor enables working at speeds of 6.000-40.000 rpm.

    RT DELUXE includes the following extra features 

    • Memory settings,
    • Control at the hand piece
    • LED light in the hand piece


    ▶︎ Unit size: *excluding exterior parts attached W 11” x H 5½” x D 9¼”

    ▶︎ Unit total weight: 2.7 kg (6 lbs)

    ▶︎ Noise level: 49 db (55 db at full throttle)

    ▶︎ Speed: 6.000-40.000 rpm

    ▶︎ Handpiece: Ø ¾”-1”, length: 5¾”, weight: 5.29 oz


    ▶︎ Powerful LED-light at the top of the handpiece

    ▶︎ Maintenance-free brushless suction motor

    ▶︎ Extra large speed display

    ▶︎ Displays Information: ✓ Speed left / right direction ✓ Suction level ✓ Date and time ✓ Filter change & date of last inspection

    ▶︎ 3 preferred memory buttons

    ▶︎ Smart key located at the handpiece

    ▶︎ High torque handpiece, low vibration, silent

    ▶︎ Patented handpiece power clamping system

    Cleaning maintenance instructions  LINK