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We are honored to link arms with NightShift Ministries to provide essential foot care to those living on the street who not only struggle with addiction, but also serious health issues. Sandra, a PEDEd nurse demonstrates her determination and serves with all heart as she cuts through a pair of donated shoes enlarging the fit for one of her foot patients whose feet were swollen.   Among the volunteers was a lovely young women named Doreen Park, a full time nurse at Surrey Memorial hospital who was introduced to NightShift through Audrey (one of our regular foot care nurses) where she shadowed her on the Community care bus. The seed was planted in Seattle where she volunteered at a homeless foot care program as one of the students who was responsible for just washing the patients feet. Since then, she has been looking for an opportunity such as this one to serve in more care-based volunteer work in the community. We are so grateful to be a part of this vital foot care program in Surrey and look forward to continuing to work along side of NightShift Ministries, who is also partnering with the Senior Care Society in White Rock.