I’m not sure if you noticed but PAYPAL shut us down for about 2 months! We are very relieved and excited to be in business again! This was even more stressful for us as we were launching our online store for the first time. Paypal explained that the Canadian government was “cracking down on money launderers”, we were being audited and had to send in more info.  So, after many hours of sending and resending documents and phone calls we are live again. Many thanks to Chris and Suzanne who helped us slog through the process, Karen and Ken who worked miracles on the back end to proved an interim solution and Tannis for the 3 am phone calls to Paypal to get us up and running! Thank you for your patience !


We are starting our June 7-9 clinical tomorrow with students across B.C., we are setting up today in preparation, looking forward to meeting you all!