Senior Come Share Society
15008 26th Ave South Surrey
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All services are provided by a Registered Nurse.

Each appointment includes:

  1. Interview
  2. Assessment of feet & nails, ambulation, environment, foot wear, skin condition, circulation
  3. Treatment by cutting and filing nails, reducing corns and calluses non- invasively within our scope of practice
  4. Education through sharing assessment, talking about prevention/management
  5. Referrals to other medical professionals when needed
  6. All instruments – Sterilized to BC Best Practice Standards.

How can clients prepare for their appointment?

  • On the first appointment, bring a list of current medications and your medical history
  • Do not soak your feet prior to the appointment
  • Do not apply lotion 24 hour prior to appointment
  • Wear or bring the shoe you most commonly wear.